Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Books and Blooms and Baked Blessings

After a packed, challenging semester, I am officially on summer break.  I plan to update this blog more frequently in the coming weeks with both stories from the road, the release of my second novel, Little Wolves a few months before, and hints about the next one, The Last Dauphin.

Tonight, what's on my mind is all the ways literature can inspire and feed us, sometimes literally.  Shouldn't a pleasurable reading experience invoke all of our senses, including smell and taste?  First, Gustavus Adolfus College down in St. Peter, Minnesota, recently featured a Books and Blooms fundraising event that my press, Soho Press, helped sponsor.  The event featured many books, including my two novels.  I was impressed by how well the florist captured themes and plotlines with these floral arrangements.  Here's the floral arrangement for The Night Birds:

And here's the arrangement for Little Wolves

And on a lighter, punnier note, one of my favorite librarians, LeAnn Suchy, who just finished teaching a class at St. Kate's in St. Paul, challenged her students to create baked goods that played with the titles of books they'd read during the semester.  I love what they did with The Night Birds:
Credit for the cake goes to:  Katelyn Buechler, Emily Buechler, Ali Wysopal, and Lauren Peck.  I love it!