Monday, July 27, 2009

Burn Calories - wikiHow

Okay. This blog is supposed about aspects of creative writing, but I had to post this. My Google page includes many odd links including a daily Wiki-How, a "how-to" of the day. The subjects are unfailing esoteric and interesting, everything from how to tell a good horror story, to how to look good naked. The following post is creative, even if it's not about writing so much. It includes odd ways to lose weight, from fidgeting to linking your work station to a treadmill. (Could you treadmill while writing a novel? The idea intrigues me. ) So it's not about writing, but after a long winter of dark beer and heavy foods, I am still looking for ways to lose weight this summer. Here's some tips, courtesy of Wiki-How.

Burn Calories - wikiHow

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eaf said...

I fidget all the time. No wonder I'm skinny.